Novativa Streamster™ is the proprietary software utilized by Marketiva to deliver financial information and trading services to its clients. Streamster was designed and developed by Novativa Corporation.

Streamster can be used on Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP and Vista. All of the information and service provided by Marketiva is delivered via Streamster software that can be downloaded from:

>>> Downloaded Streamster

In order to install Streamster, you need to double click on the executable downloaded from the link above and follow an easy to use installation wizard. Streamster icon will then be placed on your desktop, which you can double-click to launch this program.

Send Order
There are three ways to send order:

1.Click column of "Bid" or "Offer".
2.Right click mouse to select "Buy/Sell" in "Charting" .
3.Click "Orders------->New".

Instrument: Select currency pair.
Price Type: Market,Limit,Stop.
Desk: Select "Virtual Trading" or "Live Trading" .
Close Order
After an Order was confirmed,it could be closed when the price reach the  value of "Exit Stop-Loss" or "Exit Target" Automatically . It also could be closed or make a change by clicking "Positions"